Taru Case Study

6 October 2021 2023-12-05 15:57

How Taru Naturals Boosted Customer Engagement and Efficiency with Mercuri CX

Learn how Mercuri became the newest member of Taru's customer service team, helping the brand energize its CX and automate 60% of tickets.

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Taru Naturals

Taru Naturals, a burgeoning organic food brand, renowned for its range of natural, farm-sourced products, faced challenges in managing the growing volume of customer inquiries as they expanded their online presence.


Rapidly Growing Customer Base

As Taru Naturals expanded its online presence, the volume of customer inquiries increased significantly, making it challenging to manage and respond to all of them effectively.

Maintaining Personalized Service

With its reputation built on personal customer care, the company needed to uphold its standard of individualized service amidst increasing automation and efficiency demands.

Efficient Management of Repetitive Inquiries

A significant portion of customer inquiries were repetitive and basic, requiring an efficient system to handle them without compromising service quality.

Integration with Existing Systems

Taru Naturals required a customer service solution that would seamlessly integrate with their existing e-commerce and CRM systems, maintaining data consistency and workflow efficiency.
Build & Configure

Building A Personalised System for Taru

Mercuri implemented a system tailored to Taru Naturals' unique requirements, automating common inquiries while ensuring personalized customer interactions.


AI-Powered Response System

Mercuri CX provided a seamless response system, handling inquiries like order status, product details, and shipment tracking, freeing up human agents for more complex queries.

Customization and Brand Alignment

The platform was customized to align with Taru Naturals’ brand voice, ensuring consistency in customer communications.

Data-Driven Insights

Mercuri analytics tools helped Taru Naturals understand customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to tailor their services and products more effectively.
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Increased Efficiency

Taru Naturals experienced a 60% reduction in response time to customer queries.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With quicker and more effective responses, customer satisfaction ratings improved significantly.

Cost Savings

The efficient management of customer inquiries led to a reduction in operational costs.