Mercuri : AI Copilot for Wix & Shopify

22 June 2021 2024-04-05 15:39

AI copilot for eCommerce

Integrates AI with Shopify & your helpdesk solution like Gorgias or Zendesk.

Try it for free, for your Wix website & Shopify store.


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Why Use Mercuri?


24/7 Customer Engagement

Experience non-stop interaction with your customers. Whether it's late-night query or an early morning concern, Mercuri ensures your customers always have a helping hand.

Personalized Experience

Deliver a shopping experience tailored to each customer. We analyze patterns and purchase history to recommend products that align with individual preferences, making every interaction unique and personal.

Effortless Customer Support

Streamline your customer support with intelligent automation. Mercuri handles inquiries, guides users through their purchase journey, and resolves issues swiftly, reducing the workload on your support team and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Updates

Keep your customers informed every step of the way. From order confirmation to shipping updates, Mercuri provides timely and accurate information, reducing customer anxiety and improving the overall buying experience.

Product Recommendations

Boost your sales with smart product suggestions. Mercuri's AI leverages data to recommend products that customers are more likely to purchase, increasing upselling opportunities and enhancing the shopping experience.

Seamless Integration

Mercuri integrates effortlessly into your Shopify store and helpdesk software, ensuring a smooth transition and consistent user experience. Setup is quick and easy, allowing you to start enhancing your customer interactions right away.

How does it work?

Three simple steps to get you started with an AI assistant.


Install App

Install the Mercuri app on your Shopify or Wix eCommerce store.

Train Model

We collect information and train model specific to your store.

Go Live

Once trained customise the chat widget and integrate.

Simple, yet powerful features

Mak every interaction an opportunity to delight and surprise customers with personalized suggestions, driving higher order values and creating memorable shopping experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Increase Revenues by

Upselling & guiding customers

Elevate your customer's shopping journey with Mercuri's intelligent upselling feature. Our AI doesn't just wait for questions; it actively engages customers, suggesting products they'll love. Imagine a digital assistant that understands your inventory and customer preferences so well, it can recommend the perfect add-ons or higher-value alternatives in a friendly, conversational manner.

Tailored Solutions for Every Business Type

Offering tailored experiences that elevate customer engagement and drive growth across sectors like retail, food & beverage, pet care, and healthcare.

Designed for commerce


Solve all order tracking queries like Where.Is.My.Order?

Product & Inventory

Answer questions around products and it's availability.

Empathic Support

Combines the best of human empathy and intelligent automation.



Only pay for what you use. Don’t get stalled by contracts, capacity planning, and price modeling.


Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support now

Can I try Mercuri before committing to a paid plan?

Absolutely! We offer a free trial so you can experience Mercuri’s capabilities firsthand.

How does billing work for the different pricing tiers?

Billing is monthly for all plans. For annual commitments, we offer a discount equivalent to 2 months free.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan as my business needs change?

Yes, you can adjust your plan at any time to better fit your business requirements.

Are there any additional costs apart from the pricing plan?

Our plans are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees. Any additional costs would be clearly communicated upfront.

What support can I expect with the free plan?

The free plan includes basic customer support. For more comprehensive support, consider our premium plans.

How does the usage-based pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the volume of messages or interactions handled by Mercuri. We can provide more detailed information on request.

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